Grills + Smokers + BBQ Supplies

At Ring of Fire you will find the largest selection of grills and smokers in the NYC-metro area.

We carry everything from Weber gas grills to luxury gas grills like Lynx, Alfresco and all of their accessories. You will also find a deep portfolio of smokers in every size and shape: pellet grills, ceramic Kamados and offset stick burners. We also carry both gas and wood-fired pizza ovens.

Ring of Fire offers a wide selection of BBQ rubs, sauces and a variety of boutique fuels, catering to both the pellet and charcoal customer, as well as an assortment of BBQ tools and other accessories. Some of our favorite brands include:

Rubs & Sauces

Killer Hogs – Meat Church – Hardcore Carnivore – Swine Life – Traeger – Dizzy Pig

Charcoal & Pellets

Wicked Good – Kamado Joe – Fogo – Traeger Pellets – Ol’ Hick Pellets – Lumberjack Pellets

FOLLOW THE SMOKE to the Ring of Fire and you will find everything you need to grill!

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