Florida Keys

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen With 56″ Grill

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen - 56" Grill
Alfresco 56" Grill in Outdoor Kitchen
Alfresco 56" Grill in Outdoor Kitchen
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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: An Enclosed Space

This Alfresco outdoor kitchen is in the Florida Keys and features some of our favorite pieces.

Working from left to right we have 30″ Alfresco access doors underneath the sink. Next we have the largest gas premium grill, the Alfresco ALXE56BFG.

Otherwise known as “The Piano”, this grill offers a built in sear burner and an additional 42″ of normal grilling space along with a multi-position cooking rack and two independent rotisserie burners. Underneath the grill we have Alfresco 42″ access doors.

To the right of the grill is a 32″ Alfresco door / drawer combo. The drawers allow for storage and the access door allows access to utilities.

Next is the built-in Alfresco AXE-PZA pizza oven with 30″ Alfresco access doors underneath it.

Above the Alfresco 56 grill we have a 48″ Heat chimney wall hood.

The tricky aspect of this space was that since the outdoor kitchen was enclosed with a roof over it, it would need to have a strong hood above it. We opted to use the Heat 48″ outdoor hood which has a deeper capture area when measuring from front to back.

  • location : Florida Keys