Scarsdale, NY

Alfresco Primo Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: An Oasis in Scarsdale

This amazing outdoor kitchen in Scarsdale NY combined multiple outdoor elements:

1 – An outdoor kitchen using Alfresco grill components as well as a Primo XL ceramic smoker

2 – Custom fire pit with Warming Trends Crossfire burners

The outdoor kitchen idea in this project was to go with a U-shape, with 42″ Alfresco grill and Alfresco power burner as the mainstays. Refrigeration would be accessible from within the island as well as numerous storage components. The Primo ceramic grill is located on the pool-side of the island. Initially I was adamantly against the placement of the Primo grill on this side. It would entail having to walk out of the outdoor kitchen area and walk all the way around to the other side to operate the Primo grill. Compounding things, the homeowner wanted to use the Primo grill often as they regarded it as a charcoal grill that would receive heavy use – it was not going to be used solely for smoking. This further emboldened my opinion that it was being placed in the wrong spot. However after reviewing the larger scale plans for the patio, I realized that if placed within the outdoor kitchen, their seating area would be in the direct line of fire of the Primo’s smoke trail. It would also likely allow smoke from the charcoal grill to travel to the windows and sliding glass doors leading to their indoor kitchen. So, the Primo stayed put.

Fantastic project worked on with local Westchester landscaper, email us for details.

  • location : Scarsdale, NY