Scarsdale, NY

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Alfresco / Primo Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco / Primo Outdoor Kitchen, Scarsdale NY
Alfresco / Primo Outdoor Kitchen, Scarsdale NY
Alfresco / Primo Outdoor Kitchen, Scarsdale NY
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Alfresco / Primo Outdoor Kitchen | Scarsdale NY

This outdoor kitchen in Scarsdale NY in Westchester County promotes several ideas. Simplicity, color, intelligent usage of space and the ability to cook in two different styles – gas or charcoal.

The island is a straight run measuring around 14’ feet. The homeowners built it out of masonry block, coated it in a smooth stucco finish, and used a Dekton countertop for a thinner modern look.

Working from left to right we have the following:

Key Project Points

Live Fire 

The husband is Argentine so he was very focused on being able to cook beef on a live fire grill. There was some thought of using a traditional Argentine asado grill but when he discovered the level of maintenance needed, plus the asado’s inability to smoke, he turned to a traditional ceramic grill. The Primo is arguably the most versatile grill available, seamlessly transitioning from normal grilling, to searing, smoking, baking and roasting, all done over the crackling live fire.

No Refrigeration

Due to the proximity of the indoor kitchen which was renovated recently, the homeowners opted not to include refrigeration on the island.


Jonathan and his team at ROF were wonderful to work with. He has also provided incredible advice on how to cook steaks properly on the Primo grill. I always call him for tips before I host company for a grill event! M – Homeowner.


Outdoor Kitchen Design: Paula Tomisaki Architects 

  • location : Scarsdale, NY