Outdoor Kitchen Plans: Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen, Massachusetts
Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen, Massachusetts - Ring of Fire
Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen, Massachusetts - Ring of Fire
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Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen | Massachusetts

Welcome to the outdoor chef’s paradise!

This outdoor kitchen pretty much offers every cooking device known to man (several such as their Weber Charcoal grill, pellet grill and Big Green Egg are not visible).

This patio project took 2 months from demo to finish. You’ll notice the island blends in seamlessly with the pavers. The island consists of a granite counter with leather finish.  Veneer is NVSI Platinum Ledgestone.  Top of bar back is bluestone matching the two pillars. The pavers are Cambridge Paving Stones, Limestone Quarry Blue.

For the grill products, starting from left to right, are the Alfresco AXEVP power burner with Alfresco 23” access door under it.

Next is the Alfresco triple drawer AXE-3DR-SC. Next comes the Alfresco ALXE-42 grill with AXE-42 access doors under it.

The Alfresco double side burner, AXESB-2 comes next on the countertop, and then we have the tall 42” dry storage pantry AXEDSP-42L.

On the end is the undermount sink with an Alfresco access door under it.

He then has a platform with 45 degree angle which will house his Big Green Egg. Ending the run is his Grillworks Argentine grill and an Alfresco AXETC2D-SC dual trash drawer.

I asked the homeowner if there were any regrets. He had one. Should have included a fridge.

Other than that…Perfection!

  • location : Massachusetts